On My Best Way

Weekly Photo Challenges

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”

2014-08-14 11.05.43

US Route 163, on my way to the Monument Valley. Best trip of my life, but it’s easy to understand. Road trips fucking rock. Shot taken on the US 163, Utah, US. August 2014

20 thoughts on “On My Best Way

  1. On my second trip to the Monument Valley, when my and my wife reached the entrance the Navajo guide said: “Sorry folks, it’s closing time, come back tomorrow”. I let you imagine what did we said…

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    1. I don’t want to imagine! But I got something unfortunate too, during that trip. I got a rainy day when I was in the Grand Canyon and it was too cloudy to really appreciate the view… What a shame!


    1. Thank you Lia, it really is a beautiful place! It’s probably the most famous route in the US for the view you can get, so I already knew I had to pass that way to reach the Valley. It was a breathtaking moment 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to see Utah very well that trip. But I saw a lot of Arizona and it was fantastic! Hopefully I’m going back some day to visit other States!


    1. I’m guessing the same, but I can’t really tell because that trip didn’t include Utah… I just crossed the border that day to reach the Valley from this famous route. My road trip was all around California and Arizona and it was awesome. Hopefully I’m going back some day to have another one around Utah and Colorado :))


      1. I bet CA and AZ were a visual treat. California is beautiful. At least, the parts that I’ve been to. You’ll love Utah and Colorado. The landscape is uniquely amazing. 😊

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