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US Road Trip 2016, Day 15,16,17,18. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 

I gotta say,  it’s pretty hard trying to put in words what a great feeling I felt last four days, camping in Yellowstone. How can you explain the sensation you feel while watching a pack of wolves from a distance, the Hayden Valley in front of you like a theater, and on screen a live National Geographic documentary?!

Or when you just turn around and find a buffalo wandering behind you in the middle of the street like it’s completely normal.

Or again when driving,  while the sun is slowly coming up, your headlights light up a big elk eating grass along the roadside.

All of this happening in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, among hundreds of waterfalls, rivers, meadows, creeks and then geysers, fumaroles and breathtaking views.

Well, I guess I can’t. I’m just gonna let the images speak for me.

Take it easy guys. And go to Yellowstone.


US Road Trip 2016 – Days 13 & 14, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 

I’m certainly making the most out of this trip, if we’re talking about National Parks. Grand Teton is the seventh Park I’ve visited so far and I still have one more to visit. And the reason Teton is not so famous is just because it’s too close to the very star of the American National Parks. Or of the world for that matter. Yellowstone. But you couldn’t tell this if you happen to visit Grand Teton, because is full of tourists from all around the world, and for a reason. It offers spectacular views and lots of wildlife too watch. Not that it’s easy, but it might even happen to spot a bear. It happened to me and it was fantastic to see it into its natural environment. I stayed just a couple of days but the Park deserved more. Besides, I’m hiking a lot for a guy like me who’s never done it before. But I’m so happy I got to see all of those incredible Parks, and the Grand Teton is a great part of them.

Take it easy guys!


On The Road Again

2014-08-14 12.18.34-01

All right. Looks like I’m leaving again.

Although I get to travel a bit during the year, it’s usually in August that I get the longest period off work, hence my chance to organize a real trip. And that’s what I did. It took me two months of endless sessions on the Internet to plan every detail, but eventually I got it all figured out and planned. I’m heading West again. United States.

Many of you might already know it’s not going to be my first time in the US, I’ve been there many times in the last few years. I love the US and that love got me to see all the main American big cities, from East to West, and some of the beautiful big National Parks, touching about 20 States and counting.

And now I’m about to start a new road trip, which is the kind of trip I love the most. I’m going to cover 3500 km in 3 weeks, starting from Denver, Colorado, and ending in Boise, Idaho.

I already had more than a road trip across the US, and I covered that kind of distance just last year, so I know pretty well how to do it, and I know I can do it all by myself. This time though, it’s gonna be a real challenge.

I’m going to see many of the main Parks all across Colorado and Utah, then I’m gonna head North, to the Yellowstone National Park, then West to the Sun Valley,  Idaho. And the thing is, this time, I’m going to spend some nights camping inside the Parks.

The idea was, it should be awesome waking up, say on the edge of the Bryce Canyon, looking at the sun coming up its crests. Or in the middle of Yellowstone, hoping it’s not a grizzly that’s waking you up, calling for breakfast. It sounded amazing so I planned it this way. As a result, now I got I don’t even know how many reservations between hostels, motels, a 4 stars hotel in seven different campgrounds. I don’t even have a tent yet, go figure. That’s why it’s gonna be challenging, but I’m very willing to do it.

So, it’s with this kind of spirit that I’m leaving. I’m not going to bother you with every detail of the plan right now, but I’m gonna try to keep you posted on a daily basis, with pictures and videos, though it might get complicated along the way ’cause I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be hard to get Internet connection everywhere I’ll go. But you’ll definitely hear from me, and hopefully I’ll be able to make you live a part of this trip with me.

Meanwhile, feel free to share any suggestion.

Take it easy you guys.


Here’s my itinerary




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