London Calling 

2016-06-04 18.44.44

I admit, I haven’t been much of a blogger lately. What can I say, I’ve just been busy. You might not even recognize me since I grew a beard. You know, just for a change. But I haven’t stopped traveling though. My summer trip is coming so I’m getting more and more excited. I’ll tell you more in the next future about that, I promise. And I’m sure I’ll post numerous updates once I’ll be on the road. But for the moment I thought I could share another one of my travel stories. Pretty fresh from the oven.

I guess The Clash got it right. London calls you. I honestly don’t know if the song means it this way, but that’s how I feel about the city I consider the most beautiful in Europe (Rome aside. You know that, don’t you?). I need to go back to London from time to time. So, five years after my last time, I felt it was the right moment and I planned my four days gateway in London.

2016-06-03 12.44.13

It would have been my fourth time in the UK’s Capital, but also my first time alone. So I was very excited to spend four days in one of the cities I love the most, wandering with no precise destination around the city, just living it, since I didn’t have to see anything particular because I had checked out all the touristic landmarks more than once before.

Then I did it, and got to the Generator Hostel the 2nd of June. The hostel was great, as I expected it to be, because Generator is a chain I tried before in Hamburg and Copenhagen. A very modern hostel, with pretty cool stuff, including a great pub,  which served an awesome hamburger by the way.

2016-06-02 21.14.57

And here’s the thing. As soon as I arrived, just after I made my bunk bed, I hurt my back.  I don’t even know how that happened. I just found myself standing in my room thinking about my next move, which would have been having a coffee in some bakery in the neighborhood, and all of a sudden I felt my back hurt. Like it already hurt before. I was like “wait a minute…what did I do?!”

See, it’s happened before. But usually it’s after a bad move, possibly at the gym. So I thought it wasn’t too dramatic. Probably some cold, since I came from my 25 degrees in Rome and in London was kind of freezing. I don’t wanna think it was because I bent to make my bed. Well, either way, turned out it actually was dramatic. I couldn’t even bend to put my shoes on, what do you call that?!

So what do you do when something like that happens?! Well, nothing. You just keep going. I mean, I was in London, what was I supposed to do?! Spend three days lying in bed?! No way. Besides, at first it seemed I could walk pretty well, it didn’t hurt that much. So I got out and walked to Camden Town, a good 2 km from Russell Square, where my hostel was.

2016-06-02 17.45.38

As a result, the next morning it took me like an hour just to get off the bed. I was completely beaten. So I needed to reschedule my itinerary. Priority number one was now stopping by the pharmacy, which I did first thing in the morning. There, the doctor opted for a mix of two different painkillers, considering I was barely standing, and begging for something very strong.

I took them right away, and decided to head towards Saint Paul’s, a 4 km walk. At least it would have been a walk if I wasn’t literally dragging my body around. But I made it, and I decided to sit a while inside the cathedral trying to regain some strength.

2016-06-03 11.41.46-1

Gotta say, seated in there, feeling stuck, in pain and having given up every hope of feeling a bit better, wasn’t one of my finest moments. Since I was inside a church though, it had something mystic in it. Not to sound profane.

But after a good half an hour, I did start to feel better and I knew that probably I might have been able to manage to get through it with the aid of the painkillers.

And that’s exactly what I did. I got through it. And once again I walked a lot. I took the metro too, but mostly I walked, because I think walking gets you a better sense of the cities you’re visiting. And I got to hang out in places I hadn’t been before, like the far East End for instance. Of course I couldn’t avoid passing by some of the main spots. Matter of fact I love them. Isn’t Trafalgar Square what you can really call a square?

2016-06-04 19.14.49

So I’m happy to share some nice shots I took, which apparently have some success among my friends. Everybody wonders how I am able to take those kind of shots since they all know I travel always alone, and now it’s not much of a secret anymore. Still, it seems I’m the only one crazy enough to wander around the world, placing my tripod wherever I like, acting unaware while I shoot my remote control.

2016-06-02 17.44.21 2016-06-02 17.49.07 2016-06-02 17.51.49 2016-06-02 21.09.28 2016-06-03 11.56.56 2016-06-03 17.50.59 2016-06-03 19.54.53 2016-06-04 12.18.45 2016-06-04 12.51.01

Crazy right?! Good results though.

Talk to you in a while, take it easy guys.



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