Rome Bike Tour

2016-03-20 18.06.51

Via Dei Coronari

Like I said on my previous post, here in Rome spring’s coming. So is my willingness to ride my bike around the Eternal City. Gotta say I’ve used my bike this winter more than I expected, thanks to the nice weather we’re so lucky to get here. Nonetheless, when the sun light up the buildings, it all seems more vivid, hence the feeling of wonder you get passing by the beautiful Roman city center, stings you clearer.

2016-03-20 16.33.42

Piazza Mincio

Being a Roman, born and raised, I can honestly say I know the City pretty well. Thing that you’re not supposed to take for granted though. Even if it strikes me as inconceivable, there are people born and raised in the surroundings of the City, who don’t even know how to get to the center. And never come to visit. Can you believe that?! I mean, what the hell are you living for you morons?! People come from the other part of the world to get to finally see one of the most beautiful cities of the planet and all its art and architectural wonders you don’t even have to pay for, and you don’t even bother to get your asses past the borders of your shithole which is only 30 km from here?!

2016-03-20 17.46.51

Piazza Risorgimento

Sorry about the swearwords, but it just pisses me off being surrounded by this people. See, the thing is, I work 30 km south of Rome and trust me, it’s not a clichè. People from outside the big cities, really are close minded. And I have to deal with them on a daily basis. Like, “I’d like to travel like you do!”. Well, try to start with a twenty minutes drive to the cradle of the modern civilization. It doesn’t seem too much of an effort, does it?! Whatever. I’m just glad I live here, high level mind that I am.

2016-03-20 17.57.22

Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II

Anyway, I usually go around the city by myself. But sometimes it happens that one or two of my colleagues who don’t live in Rome, decide to come visit me, taking advantage of my expertise in pretty much all that regards the history and the streets of Rome. Well, actually it would be a bit overstated saying I know all the history cause in 3000 years, you can’t even imagine all the things this city has lived. But I’m confident I know a lot. That’s why friends of mine are always pleased to get shown around, when it happens they decide to move their asses up here in Rome.

2016-03-20 16.17.04

Università La Sapienza

So that’s what I did last Sunday. I got to get my colleague, who lives in one of the aforementioned shitholes South of Rome, around the City. And since the best way to do it is riding a bike, she took hers and I took my Brompton. And we had a great time.

Truth be told, I enjoy this. I don’t ever forget how lucky I am to be living in Rome. But even if I still get amazed every time I’m around, I’m kind of used to such beauty. Instead, I gladly relish the look of wonder in the eyes of the people I sometimes get to show around the streets of Rome, taking little alleys which I know get to an unexpected sight behind its corners. I love the reactions of my friends in front of such beauties. So it was with this kind of mood I welcomed my colleague last Sunday.

2016-03-20 16.04.11

Santa Croce In Gerusalemme

And these are the pictures I took during our tour. My Day Tours provide also a magnificent photo book to my friends’ collections. All in all I provide an excellent service. I always joke around with my friends saying I should get paid. Truth is, I love too much hanging out in the streets of Rome.

2016-03-20 17.55.33

Castel Sant’Angelo

2016-03-20 17.04.31

Ponte Milvio

2016-03-20 17.15.55-1

Ponte Della Musica

2016-03-20 17.05.09

Ponte Milvio

2016-03-20 16.54.53

Auditorium Parco Della Musica

2016-03-20 17.59.27

So, I hadn’t gotten paid for this tour. Except for the look in the eyes of my friend. That was joy, I swear. And that’s much of a reward.

But just in case you’re interested, here’s my price list:

Rome Day Tour

Beautiful Ladies: Free

All the others: Not Available

What can I say, I’m a man after all.




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