New York Calling


As strange as it might seem, considering how much I love this city, I didn’t write many posts about New York. I guess I didn’t want to write the usual article about what a tourist should see or do. There’s already plenty of those. But I’m going back to NYC for the third time in my life, so I thought it would be right celebrating with a new post.


It’s actually pretty difficult trying to explain what I feel about New York. One thing I can tell for sure though. It’s my favorite city in the world. Well, Rome aside, but that’s a different matter, I’m from here. Shit, there’s actually something going on with L.A. too. Yet L.A. isn’t the stereotype of a classic city, is it?! Anyway, that being said, no other city on this planet can compare with the one that never sleeps, as far as my sense of belonging goes. I’m at ease pretty much anywhere, but in New York I simply feel at home.


A feeling I still remember stinging clear as soon as I arrived my first time, approaching Manhattan on the shuttle I booked to get me from JFK to the hostel, admiring the Skyline lighting up while the sun was setting. Even more the day after, when I couldn’t sleep, obviously because of the letal mix between the excitement and the fuse, so I got up and started to wander along its streets, with no map, ending up in Times Square.


I had been studying the map of New York on the guides since I was a teenager, so I knew already how to move in the city. Not that it’s difficult anyway. All the streets and avenues are numbered so you don’t need to be a genius to understand that if you’re on the 6th street and your hotel is on the 42nd, you got to walk toward nord for 36 blocks. Well, 36 blocks might not be a short walk, then you’d better take the subway.

The point is, like I said, New York feels like home to me. That’s why I’m so excited to go back.


Besides, this time is gonna be a big deal because even though I don’t particularly like Christmas, celebrating it in a real American house with people who are actually family, sounds fucking cool and very American. I’m going to spend these Christmas Holidays at my aunt’s, who’s living 80 miles from NY, and it’s gonna be my first vacation ever with my mom and sister. We’re going to spend Christmas with her, then we’re going to Manhattan, where I rented an apartment until the 4th of January. Just thinking about it gets me super excited.


It’ll be fun walking around the city with my sister who’s never been in New York before, or having an hot American coffee with my mother, who’s actually been there twice already, while hanging out in Bryant Park (my favorite place in New York). Plus, I’m going to have a lot of time just for me. My sister’s bringing a friend, so I don’t have to show her the city every day and repeat the usual touristic routes to see the major attractions (which are mandatory by the way, if you’ve never been there). Then a lot of days free, which I plan to spend trying to live the city not as a tourist. I don’t even know what to do at New Year’s Eve. Certainly I’m not going to Times Square because I don’t like crowded places. I’ll probably end up attending a play at theater or I’ll simply let the opportunities surprise me.


But I’ll have to see anyway a couple of things I unbelievably didn’t already see. Like the Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Promenade. Twice in New York and I’ve never been to the Metropolitan yet. Shame on me. How come I didn’t get to see them I honestly don’t know. There are so many things to do in NYC that it seems like time is never enough. Maybe, like the picture below shows, I was trying to feel like a New Yorker attending a kids baseball match at a playground in the Bronx, rather than spending hours visiting a museum.


It’s strange to consider how much the city has changed in three years. The first time I went to NY, the Freedom Tower was still under construction. The second time I had the chance to admire the new Tower completed. And now that I’m going again, I’ll be able to see the tallest residential building in the occident, which I didn’t even see under construction two years ago, and now has completely changed the skyline of Manhattan. How cool is that?! If you interested I wrote a post about this building here.

IMG_4789 20130827_103155

Sometimes people ask me what is that I like of New York, and I always find myself with nothing to say. It’s impossible trying to make people understand the sensation this city makes you feel, unless you’re there to feel it yourself. Then, if you haven’t been there yet, and you’re still dwelling on it, I’ll say just go. Me, I can’t help going back from time to time.

You’ll be hearing from me when I’ll be there, I know I’ll have something to tell you and other pictures to show. Because I’m sure, like Alicia Keys sings, those lights will inspire me. Again.



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