Best 7 Hostels I’ve Ever Seen


I’ve been traveling for quite a while, and during my trips I got to stay in a lot of hostels. I really like them. I’d say is mandatory staying at hostels if you’re traveling alone. It’s the cheapest accommodation you can find. Besides, there isn’t a better place to meet people when you’re traveling. Sharing a room in a dormitory, is the easiest way to get to know other travelers, who usually travel alone like you. Meaning a lot of interests in common, a lot to share, and the chance to make friends.

Obviously the choice of the place to stay during a trip, always depends on the kind of travel I’m having, or the company I’m with. I’ve got to stay at several hotels during my traveling career, even very good ones. If you’re a couple it’s pretty obvious a hotel room is the way you have to choose, unless your stay is part of a longer trip, hence you have to save money.

Luckily I got a sister who works at the Hilton Rome, so I get discounts from time to time for that chain. Their rooms are really something. But like I said, traveling alone, there is really no point in staying at a hotel. Alone in a room, where nobody cares much about you? Much more fun in a hostel. And I’ve seen a lot of hostels all around the world. Many shitholes, other decent, and some of them really nice. These are my favourite, so if it happens you’re around, you might consider them.

1-The Bulldog Hostel, Amsterdam


This is by far the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at. The dormitory rooms are ok, colorful, not that cramped, though I’ve seen better. But the atmosphere is amazing. I guess crazy might be the right adjective. It couldn’t be otherwise in Amsterdam. In the very city center, exactly in the middle of the Red Light District, it has plenty of rooms upstairs (private and dormitories) and a very spacious lounge, which works as a fantastic Coffee Shop.

2-The Generator Hostel, Hamburg

2015-05-29 18.39.46

The experience I had at the Generator Hostel in Hamburg is pretty recent, so very vivid in my mind. But I’m telling you, I would never forget it. The Generator Hostel is a chain that has many Hostels all around the Europe, and I have to say the one in Hamburg is absolutely fantastic. Very modern, clean, lot of common areas, bar, spacious rooms and dormitories with brand new bank beds. In other words, it got everything a backpacker needs. A real must.

Got to mention another Generator Hostel here, the one in Copenhagen. Another really good one. The chain style is recognizable by its modernity.

3-The Miami Hostel, Miami Beach


Again, maybe it’s the city that gives the hostel its atmosphere. So you can trust me, the Miami Hostel is pretty cool. Located in South Beach, though it isn’t so close to the sea and Ocean Drive (neither that far, 800/900 meters), it has a really nice recreation area. An open space with a bar, which is always full of people hanging out, where they like to throw parties. Plus, right beside the entrance there’s a classic American Liquor store, which might come in handy. It worked pretty well for me.

4-Lucky D’s Hostel, San Diego

lucky-d-s-hostel (1)

This is a really nice hostel perfectly located in the very center of the city, the famous Gaslamp District of San Diego. Clean and cozy, I can’t tell anything about the dormitory rooms because I got a private one, but I liked everything about this hostel. Specially pancakes at breakfast.

5-Flying Pig Hostel Uptown, Amsterdam


Another great hostel in Amsterdam. Don’t ask me how many times I’ve been in Amsterdam though. They’re quite a bit. Only business travels though. Who am I kidding? Anyway Flying Pig is a chain with two hostels. I got to stay at the Uptown Hostel which was awesome for atmosphere, rooms and crazy people. I wonder if there is an hostel in Amsterdam where the atmosphere isn’t crazy. I guess there isn’t.

6-Oliver St. John Gogartys, Dublin


This is one of the most famous and traditional pubs in Dublin, located in the very center of the most touristic, crowded and famous area of all Dublin, Temple Bar. The area is full of pubs and some of them have their own hostel upstairs. So does the Gogartys. You’re basically staying at an Irish Pub. Need I say More?

7-East Seven Hostel, Berlin


Located pretty close to Alexander Platz, this hostel has probably the most spacious dormitory room I’ve ever seen. I got a bed in a 6 beds dormitory, in a room where normally other hostels put at least 12 beds. Don’t know if it’s still the same after 4 years but I remember a nice and very clean hostel, definitely one of the best I’ve seen.

Have you ever got the chance to stay in one of these aforementioned hostels? Let me know how was your experience. Otherwise I wish you to get the chance to try them soon, it would mean you’re going to have a great travel.

John Reese


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