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Here’s the deal. This week I thought it was fun responding to the call of Mondovagando, an Italian Travel Blog, which decided it was time to map all the travel bloggers. The Italian hashtag is #dadoveblogghi, (where are you blogging from) and I’m happy to reply to Lucia, who’s the blogger behind Mondovagando. Obviously I wanted to know where she’s blogging from. Turned out she’s from Rome. Well dear Lucia, I got to say that’s probably the reason why I wanted to participate. Can you imagine a travel blogger prouder than a Roman?! I honestly can’t. Oh right, I’d better tell you I know this because I’m from Rome too. Some of you already know that, I’m very proud of it. And that’s where I’m blogging from. I’m blogging from the most beautiful city in the World. No offence everybody. I’m blogging from Rome. Right now, from my flat. If you really wanna have a more accurate location, I live in Tuscolano, which is a neighborhood in the South of Rome, pretty close to the Aurelian Walls.

2013-12-17 10.18.43

Via Appia Nuova, one of the major boulevards that goes from the Aurelian Walls towards the South

This means it isn’t the very city center, but it isn’t the outskirts of the city either. In a fifteen minute walk, for instance, I can reach the Walls and one of the four major Basilicas in Rome, which is San Giovanni in Laterano.

2014-05-13 16.28.38

Basilica di San Giovanni In Laterano

Then it’ isn’t bad at all. I’ve been living here all of my life. Ok we got a lot of traffic, but being a big city it couldn’t be otherwise. Besides, I’m a city guy. I couldn’t stand staying away from the stressful city rhythm. I need it to feel alive. I got everything I need pretty handy. Shops, restaurants, malls, parks (one of them very big and full of historical sites) and Churches. Not that I need Churches actually. I’m just fine as long as I have my gym, my car, my Internet connection and my credit card.

2014-01-23 14.43.14

Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, the Church of My neighborhood, right next to my apartment

The neighborhood is also well served by the public transport, which is the way I get the most whenever I feel like going to the city center. Which, by the way, is very often. I got more than a couple of favorite places in the center (like my fav Irish Pub, or my fav Bar when I feel like having a great espresso), so it’s pretty frequent that I take the subway to get to the center in a fifteen minute ride.

The Vittoriano, Piazza Venezia, city center

The Vittoriano, Piazza Venezia, city center

Obviously I’m used to it, but most of the time I still get in wonder while driving my car, passing under old aqueducts and gates that you can see all around the city, built more than two thousand years ago. You really can’t miss them. They’re everywhere.

2014-01-12 08.53.21

Acquedotto Felice, Piazza Lodi

Surely there are a lot of perks, being a travel blogger in Rome. You can’t lack things to post about, for instance. And of course the proximity to two major international airports. But the best one is that living in Rome is the only reason why, as wonderful and amazing a travel could be, I never feel depressed every time I’m back home. I’m pretty sure there are worse places to be back in.

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