Strangest Way To Get To The Airport (That Day In Nice)


Get to the Airport means either you’re happy because you’re leaving and you have a wonderful travel ahead, or you’re mood isn’t particularly up because you’re coming back home after a great vacation. Either way, you have to find a way to get to the airport.

There’s plenty of ways to do that. I’d say the best one is finding someone who takes you by his car, say  some friend or your parents. This is very convenient. That’s why it might be also the most difficult way. For starters, it might work when you’re home and you’re leaving, but it’s a little more complicated when you’re abroad and you’re going back home. Unless you’re a very charming person who has the ability to make friends who love you so much to bother to take you to the airport, in the short time of a stay in a foreign country for pleasure. That never happened to me.

Another good way is taking a cab. Actually it’s maybe the best one now that I think about it. You don’t even have to bother to ask anybody, and you’re not going to own anyone. You never know when owning someone could work against you in the future. You just have to call for a cab and sit pleasurably in the backseat while you’re heading directly to the airport, or to your hotel. Yes, this is the best way. Just one thing is bad about cabs. They’re expensive. Not everywhere, but generally speaking they’re usually the most expensive way to make it to the airport.

Then there’s the public transportation. That usually means you have to check which are the buses, trains or subways that get to the airport or to the city center, buy the tickets, wait in line. Other than public, there are also private companies that provide this service. They usually get you from a certain place in the city center, to the airport and vice versa. That also means once you’re in the city center, you usually have to take another bus or subway, or walk to the place your hotel/hostel is. Really annoying. And guess what? It’s the way I mostly get.

I guess now you’re thinking that’s pretty much it. Not quite right. There’s another one. And please let me know if you’ve ever tried this way, because I did, and I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few. On foot.

That was an experience, really. I don’t quite remember how was that I chose this way, except for that it was early, I had to leave the shitiest hostel I’ve ever stayed before lunch, and I didn’t want to spend money to catch a cab. I probably thought it would have been cool for once in my life, get to the airport on foot. I mean, who does that? Turned out it was kind of cool, a bit of ridicoulous, and fucking tiring.

Well, the thing is, I was in Nice in November 2011. Nice it’s a small French city in the south of France, also famous for its Airport located by the see. The city faces the Bay Of Angels, and basically you have the old city at the beginning of the shoreline that forms the bay, and the Airport at the end. With nothing in between but the sea, you can see the Airport from the city center, and countless airplanes landing and taking off every few minutes. Seeing the airport from where I was, I thought I could go on foot. I mean, no chance to get lost. Besides, even though I knew seeing a place doesn’t mean it’s close to you, I thought it might have been like a four, five kilometers walk. Not a big deal. I wasn’t even halfway when I started to reconsider all my thoughts about it.


It was nice a the beginning because I had to walk all along the Promenade Des Anglais, which is a  celebrated beautiful boulevard lined with wonderful English colonial style and Art-Deco  buildings. But then, toward the end, I ended up walking along a little bit more residential area, with nothing else in my mind but looking forward to make it to the airport.

I made it eventually. I didn’t check before, but now I know thanks to google maps. I walked for 8,5 kilometres pulling my cabin trolley. Not a world guinness challenge, I know that. Though you surely could say that was a very weird thing to do. Honestly that’s really my field. Doing weird things. I’m very good at it. Nonetheless, with getting to the airport on foot, I’m done. I’m not doing it again.

John Reese


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