My Sensitivity About North America


It would be an assignment from Blogging101, but I actually have something to say about a post I read Yesterday. Surfing through my usual dose of blogs, I stumbled on an article of a young anthropologist who loves traveling. She is Manon, and her blog is Wandering Life. The post I read was actually a bucket list, which I understand is so trendy these first days of January. But it’s actually a specific one, in fact the title of the post is “Bucketlist: North America“, and on the post she explains that even though this continent is what inspired her the most to travel, she’s never been there yet. That’s the reason for the bucket list. As for me, I don’t care too much about making bucket lists. I try to achieve the best I can all the time. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like reading other blogger’s resolutions. In fact I like reading them and I find them in some ways inspiring. I always end up struck by some resolution and saying “yeah, that’s something I’d like to do”. So I commented the post.

Now the thing you have to know is that I’m very sensitive when you talk about North America. Two main reasons. First of all, I’ve always been in love with the U.S. Really. Since I was a kid I dreamt about going to see New York, and live the American Dream, even though just for a vacation. By now, I’ve been in the U.S. five times, I’ve seen many cities and I’m going back next August. Secondly, my ex-girlfriend is Canadian. I’ve been in Canada too. I don’t know if you can figure how it is, loving the U.S. and having a Canadian girlfriend, but to reduce everything in one sentence I’d say it’s a bit of a challenge. In my honest opinion, I just think something is wrong with the Canadians. I mean when they talk about Americans. But I’m not going any further on this one, I wouldn’t like to start a war.

Anyway because my love for the U.S. reading the post I felt the urge to comment it, and I found myself a little redundant. Because of my passion about it, I felt I needed to tell her a lot of things. But I tried not to write a post instead of a comment. Until I read the today assignment. I immediately thought about a more eloquent answer.

Then, dear Manon, here’s why I felt the urge to comment your post. What I really wanted to say is: don’t go to Canada, it sucks! Just kidding.

Canada is awesome, but in my very honest opinion, at least talking about big cities, is nothing compared to the U.S. I mean, once you’ve seen New York or L.A. … you just can’t beat them. How can you explain that to your Canadian girlfriend? You can’t. Just don’t ever do it. Trust me.

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16 responses to “My Sensitivity About North America

  • manonplatje

    Thanks so much for mentioning me in your post! 😀
    I basically want to go to Canada because I simply love nature and stunning mountain landscapes (I want to do a roadtrip from Vancouver to Toronto via Calgary, hence the cities). But I get what you’re saying. I met a Canadian girl while I was traveling and she really did not want to be associated with Americans. Basically anything American was bad in her opinion. She was a lovely girl but I was so surprised when she told me that the only reason she put a Canadian flag on her backpack was, not because of patriotism, but so that people would instantly know she was not American. I know you shouldn’t generalise, and of course not every Canadian thinks like this, but I have to say I was very surprised.

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    • gianluca8675

      Your very welcome Manon:) Of course you have to go, the nature, the landscapes and the mountains are awesome! And you’re right, we shouldn’t generalize, not every Canadian is like that. I make jokes about it just because of my experience. Now I don’t feel like going to Canada anymore ah ah Anyway I wish you to go soon, and safe travels!

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  • tinyexpats

    haha, yep, you’re definitely not starting a way here with your comments :))) I still haven’t visited neither US nor Canada, but what if I enjoy seeing nature more than large cities, is it Canada then? 🙂

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  • jeanicresol

    This is funny. I’ve got some American friends and they are also not nice about Canadians. I was quite surprised about how mean they were. I’m just as surprised to hear it the other way around. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. What is it about people hating their closest neighbours? Too funny.

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    • gianluca8675

      Ah ah I guess it’s a matter of jealousy! I can tell that Canadians think that Americans are arrogant. The thing I can’t understand though, it’s why they’re so mean when talking about Americans, and then love their singers, actors, movies and TV series…I find it hypocritical..


  • jillypopmusic

    Hi, I am in love with Italy – I have been to Florence, Venice, Rome, and Ischia. I’ll trade you my New York City for it any day. 🙂

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  • lilynava

    I love the US having lived here all my life, but find myself wanting to see more of the world and can’t believe (just yet) that nothing can beat it. I may be going to Canada (for work, not pleasure) and was wondering if you have any posts from your trip(s) there?

    Liked by 1 person

    • gianluca8675

      Oh don’t worry, the world outside the US is awesome! It’s just that I’m a fan of the US 🙂 l don’t have any post about Canada yet.. It isn’t my favorite subject right now ah ah 😉 I hope I’m going to write about that soon, it’ll mean I’ll be better 🙂

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  • Nicole art & soul

    Love this post. You would find it strange (maybe?) that 2 Americans (We’re from Philadelphia–the picture on top of your blog post!), my son and I, dream of visiting and perhaps moving to Italy. He wants to be a fashion designer in Milan. He even studies the Italian language in school. I’ve even looked for colleges that he could attend their in 3 years. Good luck with your travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    • gianluca8675

      Thank you so much for the appreciation! It isn’t strange at all your wish, Italy is a marvelous country! So much many wonderful cities, so much history and art everywhere. And the fantastic food. 🙂 Sorry to contradict you, but the picture above, I took it in Boston.. I guess thy e architectural style is pretty much the same as in Philadelphia.


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